Texas OES Rescue Picnic

On our trip back to North Carolina from Colorado we decided to make a small detour… to Texas. It was for a very good reason, the chance to meet some of the people doing some wonderful rescue work with Texas OES Rescue. We attended their annual picnic and were giving a big Texas welcome. It was great getting to talk to and hug some of the people who we’ve only “met” on Facebook. Of course I mainly just took photos of their dogs lol.


  1. Nancy Horton

    Are Daisy or Daphne still available? We have a one year old oes named Doug who would love a playmate.

    • sheepiedad

      Hi. I really don’t know. I am just a fan and supporter of the rescue but not involved otherwise.

  2. Mark

    Excuse my ignorance but why are there so many rescues of OES. In Texas. I am from Wa state. If we see a few in a year it’s amazing our girl is from a we’ll known breeder but we have been looking for a second and have looked around the NW if one comes up it is gone within hours.
    Thank you

    • sheepiedad

      Hi Mark. I really don’t know as I’m not from there. It’s a lot bigger than NC and we get a couple dozen a year here.

    • Fiona

      They have an inordinate amount of dogs that come through el Paso. I believe there are breeders that sell oes at their flea market. If people didnt buy them there wouldn’t be an issue. And people get them because they are so cute and then they get bigger and get matted and wild for a couple of years and they may give up on them early on. But lots have medical issues and thankfully Texas has been able to take care of them so far.

    • David Kimpton

      You can see my grandson with one of my rescues – Monty. El Paso is where my two came from. The only person working there is Janelle Romero and they get a ton of dogs either found on the road or turned back in.. Mostly because we think there are a lot of irreputable breeders in the area and possibly a bunch coming from Mexico.. And of course some are in rough shape like Monty who never received his first shots and had every parasite in him but thanks to Janelle and the vets he made a full recovery.. My other rescue Tori had a hernia the size of a softball in her chest to the point she couldn’t breath but again after being dumped on the side of a road and the police took her to Janelle and she immediately had surgery and a week later she came home with us and Monty. I think the other problem is people just don’t understand the breed nor are they willing to take the time.. But the stories Janelle can tell you are just horrifying..
      Anyway thanks for taking the time Tom to drop by on the way home and for the pictures.. The three pictures of monty are just terrific. Take care of your brood of pups — it was great to meet them all and you of course..l.

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