Sparky with Texas OES Rescue!!

Days like these make an old, grumpy man’s heart feel good. We had the chance to go to El Paso, Texas to visit the little guy that the entire OES community has been rallying around. Sparky has already endured more abuse in his short life than anyone should ever have to. If you don’t know his story please go to their page Texas OES Rescue and you can read about him. And yes despite everything he has gone through he is just as sweet as he looks like in these photos. I am sure whoever is lucky enough to adopt him will be getting a wonderful, loving pup.


  1. Karen

    He looks so good. I can’t wait until he can find his forever home. I am so grateful for the loving hands that have helped him heal and all of the loving sheepie people that continue the positive thoughts and prayers.

  2. Allene Hutcheson

    omg is this in the South West Valley of El Paso? 40 years ago I bought a beautiful puppy out there.
    Sparky you keep having your spark!! We are all pulling for you sweet boy.

  3. Val

    What a great group of sheepie lovers that took such good care of the Sparkster! Thanks to all especially his foster mom, Janelle!

  4. Marianne Swann

    Sparky looks like he’s on the mend.
    Thank you for sharing photos and videos of your visit.

  5. SLH

    I LOVE te 1st picture with 4 Sheepies looking out the car window! I’ll bet they are thinking we are getting a brother!!!

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