Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Like I’ve said many times before, some days it is good to be me. This past week I had another one of those. I met up with a dear friend, Jennifer Waugh, up in Winchester Virginia at the fairground site of the For the Love of OES facebook groups biennial picnic which is coming up in October. She just so happened to have 3 adorable puppies that needed a ride to Charlotte and I just so happened to want to spend the day with 3 adorable puppies. Funny how things work out like that for me every so often.


  1. Merran Riddle

    I miss having an OES….I love seeing your furbabies and they are so adorable. You’re a very blessed man. Thanks for all you Vids and pics…they make my day. Cheers from Tarlee South Australia.

  2. Karin Haan

    Tom you are such a wonderful person .
    So beautiful to see all your picture and read your sheepies adventures ❤️❤️

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