A nice day for a picnic

It was such a pretty day yesterday we decided to head out for a picnic. I packed the picnic basket full of squeaky toys and snacks from Puptown Barkery and got on the road to one of our favorite spots. Lucky for us (?) there was also a horse show where we were at so … [Read more…]

A Mother’s Day weekend adventure

Lily planned a big trip for just her and her mom as a surprise for mothers day. She even set up sleepovers for her uncle Auggie & Boo and her aunt Maggie. We headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway for a wonderful weekend of fun and frolicking. Lily even got to see her first sheep! … [Read more…]

Fishing season is here!

Auggie and Lily have been jealous looking on their iPaws at all the pictures of friends playing in the water. So I decided to surprise them with a trip up to the New River to do some fishing. Auggie caught him a small trout but he had to let it go because it was too … [Read more…]

Starting over

Well this my first post since losing everything to my web host. I know all my photos are backed up on an external hard drive but my posts are not. The worst part of getting older is not remembering the details of things we do. Being able to look back through my posts was my … [Read more…]