Another good day to be me

Today was another day it didn’t suck to be me. It’s nice to have friends that let you visit when they have puppies. Now as long as I can get far enough away before they count them and realize I hid one in my camera bag before I left! And by the way, two of … [Read more…]

Fozzie’s Big Adventure

Having spent so much time in Colorado recently I’ve missed being around NC to see a certain puppy growing up. So this week I got to take little Fozzie Bear on his first adventure. How great is it to have friends that actually lend you their puppy to go have fun with? Of course his … [Read more…]

Another sheepie party?

It seems like every weekend there is another sheepie party going on. The one positive to having no active social life (and not minding long drives) means we can attend almost all of them. This one was special though. Val & Dave Pruett hosted the first NE Ohio Sheepie playdate. I figured someones backyard in … [Read more…]

Meeting new friends

The pups got a chance to make a couple friends this morning at an open space dog park between Colorado Springs and Denver. Devon’s Dog Park, a 17-acre dog park, is located on the east side of the Greenland Open Space trailhead. We met a couple of really sweet pups, Ollie & Finn, for our morning … [Read more…]

Exploring Colorado!

We haven’t got the chance to visit as many people on this trip as we had planned but that doesn’t mean that me and the pups have stayed inside. It is too beautiful a part of the country to not do some exploring, especially with a bunch of sheepies!

For the Love of OES Picnic – part 2

Another of the wonderful things about sheepie people is they are always willing to help out those in need. With the OES rescue in Texas recently getting in 6 dogs all at the same time the auction and raffles held at the picnic raised over $3000 to help with their care. I can’t wait for … [Read more…]

For the Love of OES Picnic – part 1

The picnic was held at a 10 acre fairgrounds, entirely fenced in so all the dogs were able to run free off leash. Like most sheepdogs no one had to worry about their dogs wandering off. If they weren’t right next to you it only meant they found someone else to scratch them between their … [Read more…]

For the Love of OES – Meet & Greet

A couple years ago a wonderful young lady, tired of the nastiness occurring around Facebook, decided to start her own Old English Sheepdog group based on kindness towards each other. A rather novel concept in the world we live in today I know. As more and more people found the group an idea was floated. … [Read more…]


For the first time the whole gang headed west of the Mississippi River to Colorado. In between of some very strenuous grandpa duties we got to do some exploring. The views were just spectacular and we are looking forward to coming back in June!

Coastal fun

After helping me care for Eli while my daughter & her husband were out of town the pups thought they deserved some fun. So since the weather forecast called for perfect conditions we decided to head east to check out the beaches. It was still early enough that most of the places we went were … [Read more…]