Which one is the statue?

It seems that I haven’t had much time out here to get out and take many new photos of the pups but I have been able to go through and organize some of my older ones. Looking through them I found that Daisy Mae seems to have a penchant for posing for pictures with statues … [Read more…]

Finding us some snow!

Since we won’t be heading west for another couple weeks the pups insisted on finding some snow (they can be very persuasive!). Being in North Carolina in late March that can be a problem. Lucky for me the weather forecasters were predicting some big snow just a couple hours up the road off the Blue … [Read more…]

St Patrick’s Day Party

After another successful outing in the annual Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade we all gathered at a local sheepie family’s backyard for a cookout. I may not of taken any photos at the parade (walking 5 dogs on leashes and DSLR cameras don’t go together very well) but I did get a few here.  

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Like I’ve said many times before, some days it is good to be me. This past week I had another one of those. I met up with a dear friend, Jennifer Waugh, up in Winchester Virginia at the fairground site of the For the Love of OES facebook groups¬†biennial picnic which is coming up in … [Read more…]

Charlotte’s first big girl adventure

Took the Grandpup to the beach for her first big girl adventure. Now 8 months old Charlotte fits right in with the others, from the car ride to the hotel stays. She has such a wonderful personality and is just a snugglebug.

Another piece of my heart breaks

As most of you know I have been involved in OES rescue for almost 25 years in some capacity. Usually I would be the one to go pick up the dog where ever they were around the south and transport it to its new foster home. I was never a good foster because I became … [Read more…]

Finally some snow!!

Seeing all the snow back east was making the pups wish we were back home to play in it with their friends. Luckily for me it finally snowed here in Colorado Springs so we didn’t even need to make a trip up to the mountains.