NEOESR 20th annual picnic – June 14, 2014

The next stop down Memory Lane was our trip to New England OES Rescue’s 20th annual picnic in Lebanon, Connecticut on June 14th 2014. I had been helping this wonderful organization when they needed help pulling & transporting dogs throughout the southeast since we got our first sheepie in 1994. It was my chance to finally meet the legendary Grannie Annie (Raker), the head of the organization that has placed over 2000 dogs since its inception. Back then we only had 3 dogs so traveling was a little easier lol, and I got to meet a number of wonderful people and their pups.



  1. Sande Hickey

    I love your video’s, they give me a “Sheepie Fix” – what a group, they certainly love their “Sheepie Dad”!

  2. Judi Randolph

    Sorry that part of loving ends with cracks and chunks of our heart ! These kids do this every time. Each one takes a little bit more and then we find all the love they gave fills the cracks and chunks back up!
    The Love of a Sheepie❤️❤️❤️???

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