My favorite day of the year!

I am lucky enough to get to do a lot of wonderful things with my dogs. Sometimes I even dognap my friends dogs and take them along on adventures. But the day after the Tarheel OES Rescue’s annual picnic may just be my favorite. For the last 3 years a group of us have embarked on an early morning journey up to Hanging Rock State Park’s lower cascade falls. Every year it has grown in popularity and this year we had 32 pups and an unknown number of their 2-legged companions head out at 7 am on a Sunday morning. You just have to see the joy in the pups faces as they run off leash down to the bottom of the falls to frolic and play in the water! And even though there is a large number it’s amazing how they all stay together with us all the way down and then back up again. If you ever get the chance to join us you really need to!


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