For the Love of OES – Meet & Greet

A couple years ago a wonderful young lady, tired of the nastiness occurring around Facebook, decided to start her own Old English Sheepdog group based on kindness towards each other. A rather novel concept in the world we live in today I know. As more and more people found the group an idea was floated. Why not have a get together where the people who enjoy watching each other’s sheepies antics could meet each other. Now with close to 2500 members from around the world the result culminated this past weekend in Winchester, Virginia with the first ever For the Love of OES picnic. Friday night after people started checking into their hotels everyone got together to meet and greet, both people and their pups. As you can see it was tons of fun for everyone!



  1. Kriztina thomson

    Its beautiful to see so many o.e.s getting togeather.
    I live in southwold England you hardly see o.e.s here.
    So the pictures were great to see
    Kriztina thomson

  2. marianne swann

    What a fabulous way to spend the weekend!!!
    Congratulations to all on the success of the event.
    Great photos Tom!!

  3. Charlotte Willoughby

    I love what this club stands for and I love Sheepies. I would love to join this club.

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