Camie learning the ropes

It was easy to tell from the time I met her at Three Lakes Old English Sheepdogs that Camie had the makings of a model. Lucky for her we have a supermodel in Daisy Mae to show her how it is done.

You can’t cancel St Patrick’s Day!

Well you can try but it isn’t going to stop our gang from enjoying the holiday. We were supposed to walk in the annual Charlotte St Patrick’s Day parade for the 5th year in a row, and for the first time we had entered a float. But the party must go on!

End of the year

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often as normal but it’s been a hectic few months. Besides running west to visit Eli we also made an appearance in Dallas at the Texas OES Rescue annual picnic. Toss in a few of our friendly gatherings and the pups put on a bunch of miles on the … [Read more…]

Eli turns 3!

Ok, I know that the overwhelming majority of my photos don’t include people, only dogs. Occasionally dogs with their people. But when my littlest guy has a birthday I make an exception!

Sheepdog Shindig 2019

The pups and I were able to knock another big event off our bucket list this past Memorial Day weekend. Our Carolina contingent joined up with some Ohio friends for a caravan that drew stares everywhere we went (most of my pics were from the caravan pit stops). It was our first trip north of … [Read more…]

Fozzie visits Pooh

The pups friend Fozzie came down for a visit to see how big Pooh is getting. Fozzie was the same size as Pooh at the same age so he is a good measuring stick as to how big he may grow to. Pooh’s dad thought I had brought home a shetland pony lol. Fozzie is … [Read more…]

St Patrick’s Day 2019

Just a few photos from Charlotte Sheepie & Friends after parade get-together this past weekend. We really do have a wonderful group in the area and even had some out of town friends come join in the fun again this year.

Texas OES Rescue Picnic

On our trip back to North Carolina from Colorado we decided to make a small detour… to Texas. It was for a very good reason, the chance to meet some of the people doing some wonderful rescue work with Texas OES Rescue. We attended their annual picnic and were giving a big Texas welcome. It … [Read more…]