Beach Blast 2017 – Day 1

This past weekend some friends made a beach trip with the pups for the second year in a row. Nine sheepdogs, two labradoodles, and a sheepadoodle decsended on Cherry Grove, SC and took over the place. Add in another sheepdog who just happened to be staying a few blocks and it made for plenty of fun. It didn’t matter it it was 4 month old Bob or 11 yeard old Juliette they all had the time of their life’s! With all the people who came out on the beach to watch them play we may need to seek sponsorship from the North Myrtle Beach Tourism Board next year!


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  1. Libby (Elizabeth) Dowell

    Thanks Tom for sharing these wonderful photos! What a blessed life you live!! Love our sheepys!! Ours is 11ish now and still acts like a pup!!! Can’t wait to see your next adventure!!

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