Another sheepie party?

It seems like every weekend there is another sheepie party going on. The one positive to having no active social life (and not minding long drives) means we can attend almost all of them. This one was special though. Val & Dave Pruett hosted the first NE Ohio Sheepie playdate. I figured someones backyard in a small town in Ohio we would make up about half the attendees. I mean what would you expect from a no invitation Facebook post. Boy was I wrong! 30 sheepdogs & some of their friends, along with their humans showed up on a beautiful afternoon in Stow, Ohio. It was great getting to see some people we knew along with making some new friends. Will definitely be heading back next time they get together.


  1. Abby Bayer

    Love sll the sheepies. Love to see all the pictures. Are there any sheepie parties in houston, or near by.

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