A new hobby

Every old guy needs a hobby to keep himself sane but you probably won’t be seeing mine on HGTV anytime soon. I was lucky enough again to be asked to pick up another puppy and take her to a new family halfway across the country. Last time I got to do it as a surprise for my daughter. This time it was for someone else I consider as part of my family. So Friday I left Eli for my return trip east for the holiday season. Once again I made just a slight detour north of St Louis to see Diane Hoelting of Three Lakes Old English Sheepdogs to pick up a little girl from her latest litter. What’s another puppy when you are already traveling with 5 other sheepies? Thirteen hours of driving later, including a hotel stay in Lexington Kentucky, we arrived to meet Hazel’s new family outside Roanoke Virginia. I could never be a breeder but it sure is nice to see faces light up when they meet their new family member for the first time.


  1. Karin Haan

    Tom I love your story’s and your sheepies . What was it wonderful to meet you and your 5 amazing sheepies at the picnic this year . For always in my heart . Safe travels ❤️?

  2. Diana

    I loved to see this puppy. She is beautiful. As usual, your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad she got to keep her tail.

  3. Nancy Smith

    I love seeing your posts and the adventures you take your fuzz butts on. Truth is, if I could do it I would also. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us crazy sheepdog people.

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