A Mother’s Day weekend adventure

Lily planned a big trip for just her and her mom as a surprise for mothers day. She even set up sleepovers for her uncle Auggie & Boo and her aunt Maggie. We headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway for a wonderful weekend of fun and frolicking. Lily even got to see her first sheep! She was glad her mom was there to protect her.


  1. Pru Johnson

    I really envy you 5 Sheepies! We only have one, Dudley who is 6 in June, but we have had a further 3 since 1977, one a a time. We rescued one and tha last two have had tails. If we had more space we’d have more. Lovely dogs and so happy. Glad you had them to keep you going sometimes.

    Pru Johnson
    North Yorkshire

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